Personal Training

Personal Training

Knowing your physical condition and getting the body you want is what you do at FLASTONE personal training

Chief trainer Shuhei Yamamoto, who has acquired athletic trainer qualification of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, which is said to be the most difficult trainer qualification, will use his experience, knowledge, and the latest theory to improve your body and mind, such as performance improvement and body makeup,

Flow to start

  1. 45min of free trial and 15min of quick consultaion
  2. membership
  3. Workout program set in 60min 



  1. Golf performance improvement
  2. Body make
  3. Shape up/weight loss
  4. Healthy pain free workout such as back pain, knee pain
  5. 30min Stretching


Name Shuhei Charlie Yamamoto

University University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Qualification NATA-ATC、Japanese Olympic committee Strengthening staff(medical staff)

Trainer Career

・Shugo Imahira professional golf player(2019~2021)

・Yokohama Grits(2020~current)

・Okita Hockey School(2017~current)

・Japan Ice Hockey Federation trainer(2013~current)

・KIRIN Naturals Health support service trainer(2021~current)

・Cordbook Wellness program service trainer(2019~2021)

・Yuto Nagatomo Football Academy(2019~2021)

・Bring Up Rugby Academy(2018~2019)

・Stylish body(2017~2020)

・Hamamatsu Kaiseikan high school soccer team(2015~2016)

・Tohoku Free Blades(2010~2012)

Price List