About Flastone


To be the place that love the customers the most in Japan


Flastone provides a place to enrich your life

1 It will be a place where everyone who visits Flastone can meet new people and make connection.

Simulated golf」「Personal Training」「Champagne」provide health physicaly and mentaly.

3)We guarantee you’ll be smiling when you leave Flastone


Hello! this is Ryo Miyazaki, general manager of Flastone

After playing as a player for the professional ice hockey team, Yokohama Grits until 2021, which led me to meet Yamamoto, our chief trainer

I played professional ice hockey player in France and Japan for about nine years until I retired from playing at the end of Octorber 2021. Before starting professional career in France. I studied ice hockey in North America alone from high school, and stayed there for 11 years.

In the 20 years I’ve been aiming for the top in ice hockey since high school. It’s mundane story, but I’ve been hitting a lot of walls.

Before I opened Flastone, I Looked back on my life and thought about what happened at that time. it was full.

I think that I need to do my best to open up new path for myself, but I realized that I can’t overcome it alone, and that I definitely need the help and support of people in my life.

From there, I thought that if I could make connections with the many people I have met past 20 yers, and make it a job, it could be fan and interesting, and would be a kind of repayment.

Based on what I have experienced in my life. I opened Flastone where people connect with each other, with the concept of “champagne” that I conncected with in France, and “golf” and “training” that I connected with in Japan.

I will continue to cherish the “connections” that I can’t get involved with or meet unless I come here.


GM Ryo Miyazaki


About company

Company name   T&M Ltd

Address                  〒190-0002 1-25-23-405 Saiwai-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

CEO                         Tatsuya HIraishi

Established     Octorber 2015

Capital                7,300,000 yen

Board member     Ryo MIyazaki

Name of Place     Flastone

Address                  〒113-0034 TK1F 3-16-4 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo